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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

My path to Montessori started in college at ASU, long before having my own children. My first internship was with a wonderful Montessori school in Phoenix, AZ (Villa Montessori, which is now over 50 years old!), and from there, my thirst for more knowledge grew. I enjoyed a career in Commercial Real Estate for over 12 years until I decided to grow my family. Montessori became a passion when I became a mother. In fact, my first born attended the very same school I interned at 13 years prior! The Montessori practices were appreciated during those infant and preschool years with my babies. My children attended Villa Montessori, Montessori Day School, Ashton Grace Montessori and lastly Garden Montessori with Ms. Anita.

I decided to graduate from classroom mom to Guide after my last child was born in 2013. I trained with Anita Wolberd, and received my Montessori Primary Certificate through her program at the Caspari Montessori Institute. I am often asked if I have a CMI or CMS training. I feel that is not the right question, rather the emphasis should be on quality and scope of the Guide. Each of the schools my children attended encouraged eclectic accredited certifications and all with superior reputations. My Professor, Mrs. Woldberd spent 10 years working directly with Dr. Caspari to educate hundreds of Guides and teach hundreds of students. Dr. Caspari spent 10 years of her life working directly with Dr. Montessori in India and developing CMI curriculum. In the end, the instruction coming so directly from the source, has inspired me to create a space where the intended direction from Dr. Montessori is carried out on a daily basis. Dr. Maria Montessori had a degree in Engineering before attending Medical School, and graduating at the top of her class as the only female in the university. It seems to me that it is quite insulting to try to modify or shortcut the methods that she developed, and yet it happens in many Montessori schools. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to work directly with such a wonderful Mentor, who instilled in me the importance of the purity of the Montessori Teaching Method.

Now, my children keep growing and my passion is still Montessori education. Therefore, I went back and earned my Lower Elementary Certificate. With my strong foundation and the continual study of Dr. Montessori’s lectures, handbook and NAMC curriculum; Lower Elementary has me excited to share! I am humbled to have many of my current students continue with me for another three-year-cycle, a rare opportunity! Joy Montessori, LLC has been created to provide quality Montessori curriculum and encourage the love of learning to continue in my children’s, and your children’s lives.

We are educating the Peaceful Citizens of Tomorrow! That is exciting for me, and I feel so honored to be a part of such a daunting and noble task. I look forward to meeting some of you on this wonderful journey.

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