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It is almost unheard of nowadays to have help raising your children. Two friends of mine are lucky to have very involved aunts, cousins and grandparents to help carpools, field trips, cook meals and babysit for no charge. TWO! The more common description is how we are rushing one child to soccer practice, the other to dance, figuring out dinner, and trying so hard to get lunches packed the night before. It's exhausting! Friends, its just a season - hang in there - soon the eldest will be driving and gladly helping get groceries and carpool!

This is what W.I.N. was born from. We love children, we have children of our own, and we know the importance of self-care - - so we offer helping opportunities to our community!

Parents night out:

A once a month chance for you to go have a Friday NIGHT! It's proven that doing something on Friday-night makes the weekend feel longer! So, from 5:30- 9:00* pm we will entertain your Little(s) ages 4 - 14. They can stay until 10:00pm for an additional $10. We want you to be able to have time for a dinner and a movie, a show at the Lensic, or even just go grab take-out and chill at home!

Days-Off Program:

* Check with us on for any Public School closures

* Homeschooling Community join us for wholesome fun "camps" throughout the year

* Snow days and you still need to get to the office? Call us (505) 795-0451

Joy Academy:

Want your 11 - 16 year old Student to have an online education but are unable to keep a work schedule and coach them? We offer space for docking and working. Your student will have plenty of fresh-air and build healthy EQ relationships! The Joy Academy crew holds space for students to learn self-care options during these tender years of becoming adults. No bullying, no pressures, no getting lost in the shuffle!


No parent NEEDS support and nurturing like a parent who has a kiddo with differences. SPD MeetUP offers a weekly SPD ONLY kiddos to gather and not be not like the others without sensory processing differences! Here, they can jump too high, talk too fast, use too much glue, paint too big, and eliminate the personal bubble (within reason) for one hour! We all know our kiddos don't mean to seek input in a disruptive way - they are just using the tools they know. Opportunities for Professional speakers, education and TONS of support will be here for you! Tuesdays 4 - 5pm, $5-$15 suggested donation.

Plan ahead and save even more money! We've got a punchcard program!

Marriage and family therapists continually prescribe time away from your littlest loves to keep your adult relationships healthy and rewarding!

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